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Route 601
Route 601
Connects Allswell Town and Coriolan Forest
Place in Region Southeast Island

Route 601 is a route connecting Allswell Town and Coriolan Forest. It's a swamp, still.


In Grass
Pokemon Rarity Time Usual Levels
Oddish.png Oddish Common All Times 2-4
Bellsprout.png Bellsprout Common All Times 2-4
Combee.png Combee Common All Times 2-4
Wooper.png Wooper Common All Times 3-5
Mudkip.png Mudkip Common Day Only 2-4
Paras.png Paras Common Night Only 2-4
Sudowoodo.png Sudowoodo Uncommon All Times 4-7
Bidoof.png Bidoof Uncommon All Times 4-7
Tangela.png Tangela Uncommon All Times 4-7
Quagsire.png Quagsire Uncommon All Times 7-10
Cherubi.png Cherubi Uncommon Day Only 4-7
Hoothoot.png Hoothoot Uncommon Night Only 4-7
Gloom.png Gloom Rare All Times 8-13
Weepinbell.png Weepinbell Rare All Times 8-13
Lombre.png Lombre Rare All Times 8-13
Marshtomp.png Marshtomp Rare Day Only 16-20
Parasect.png Parasect Rare Night Only 16-20
Quagshire.gif Quagshire Very Rare All Times 25-30