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ok so a few things are going on at once in meron. they all centre around this shiny lugia

first, a crazy guy wants to capture the shiny lugia and uhhh. . .. hybridise himself with it ... ...................... but first, he has to experiment with making hybrid pokemon

and he sets up a zoo where he exhibits the hybrid pokemon and entices trainers to donate to his cause by charging zoo admission and at the end of the grand opening they all get to choose their very own hybrid. O.O;;;

he also tries to get people to donate their pokemon to the cause so if someone so chooses ........ they can ... donat etheir pokemon.. and he will hybridise it with something Rare O.O ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;+

also so he doesn't look so shady he also uses the zoo to rehabilitate injured wild pokemon and gives them a nice natural habitat and people can visit and see cool pokemons

meanwhile, some researchers working with him at the zoo... who don't know about his shady plot... they are focusing on fossil pokemon !!! they set up a little island which is part of the zoo and holds dinosaur pokemon . they are also building. a Time Machine so people can turn in fossils.. and they will go back in time and ... . . . .. . . bring them the ALIVE POKEMNO !!!! they also want to go back in time and collect a bunch of injured/sick ancient pokemon to add to the zoo and rehabilitate and that is where they get the island dinos

and then i guess there are some ????? pirates ????????? who steal from bad people and like to be good friends with pokemon and their goal is also to find shiny lugia ... to protect it and give it a home in their private island sanctuary because it is not really safe lately with all the notoriety about it and all the freakin trainers wanting to capture it for their selfish purposes

the fossil scientist guys also want to study rare pokemon especially legendaries so they are also after the lugia. but if things get too bad their plan is to ... transport the lugia to the past!!!! !!!!!!! to save it from the present bad people.

AND so ; the members of the aeroblast rp forum can choose one of the three sides and in the end someone will get the special chance to capture the shiny lugia for the purposes of their team (':

lots of events and give away cool special limited event pokemon

because i want to give away cool limited pirate pokemon and cool limited fossil pokemon and cool limited hybrid pokemon for each of hte teams like, join this team now and get a COOL POKEMON!!!

i think there will also be a safari zone area of the zoo where healed pokemon can run around and people can catch them for a fee nad it will include hybrids

i think the scientist guys will have some pseudo legendaries and they'll give away special event ones some time during special.. times ... hmmmm

i think i mentioned there will be an event where people can submit their own hybrids into a contest and the winners will get a prize and copy of theirs and it'll get added to the safari zone

different things will transpire for people on different teams but they'll still kind of compete in the same plotline to save or capture the lugia !! whoa

there will be secret little things like the zoo guy in a zoo staff subforum saying his true purposes to the people who have joined this team and other people can figure this out if they click o nteh forum and it'll be slowly revealed more publicly

there will be subforums for each team i guess

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