Terrain idk
Climate tropical maybe or something
Leader Mister Dicks
Starter Pokemon Marizas Nyanmak Platinus
Towns and Cities why can't I hold all these towns

i hate myself

I'll just put everything I've come up with so far here

Jura Island

the only place with a name so far

it's a jungley rain foresty place with dinosaurs and everyone lives in tree houses and shit.

the gang located here is one of the smallest gangs in bonze and also one of the nicest. they are mostly restricted to the island but sometimes they chill with the gang in the next town over and often help each other out since they're both pretty small compared to the other gangs. one of their main symbols is wearing the bones of dinopokemon. maybe their deceased comrades.

there is a necromancer who lives deep within the jungle that spends her days resurrecting ancient pokemon. she apparently has some kind of deal with the gang where she resurrects pokemon for them to sell throughout the region though she is not an official member. maybe if you were to bribe her she would resurrect something for you. wonk


there's a gang leader with fighting type pokemon and she uses them like body guards most of the time but she gets really excited during battles

a cave full of ghost pirates

they're icelandic boyband pirates(iceland ain't even a thing) that died there or some shit idk fight their captain and he'll give you some of their treasure

sea monsters

one gang leader is like a 12yo and she talks to sea monsters and feeds people she doesn't like to them

really tall mountain shit

people built houses in the side of this tallass mountain they use flying pokemon to get around and you have to use fly to get there it's like fucking atla up in here.

why is it fucking snowing

bonze is kind of tropicalish I guess but there's a big mountainous area that looks like jack frost just took a huge fucking shit on it. maybe a pokemon is to blame. WHO KNOWS NOT ME.

this is slowly getting worse and worse

the ~leader~ I mean !leader! of bonze is officially named Mister Dicks.

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